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Huguenot Crosses


We have added a selection of Huguenot Crosses in 9 Karat Gold! If you're not familiar with 9 Karat gold, our British friends "across the pond" have been wearing it for years. It is a great alternative to higher Karat gold, and much less expensive! See them in our Newest Additions!

  We are Huguenot Descendants, and we honor the tradition of our ancestors craftsmanship in every Huguenot Cross we make. Even today, much of the work is still done by hand, a few crosses at the time. Naturally, we only use environmentally responsible materials and methods to minimize the global impact of our craft. 

  We also support Huguenot Ancestry research, please let us know when you order, and we'll send a portion of the proceeds to the Huguenot Organization of your choice.

If you know someone "low tech" and would like a catalog, just email the name and address to and we'll send one to you.